Staircase designs by Pear Stairs, the largest manufacturer of staircases in the United Kingdom.

Whether you’ve just bought a new property that needs renovating, or your old stairs are in dire need of an upgrade, a brand-new staircase will be sure to completely transform your home.

At Pear Stairs, we’re experts in bespoke, high-quality staircase design and manufacture.

With a huge range of staircases available that differ in size, shape, material and design, you’ll be able to create the staircase of your dreams – but at what cost?

Finding realistic prices doesn’t have to be tough and, in this post, we cover everything we think you need to know.


How much does a new staircase cost?

The average cost for a standard new staircase in the UK ranges between £1,500 - £4,000 – which includes the cost to build the structure, have your old stairs removed and disposed of and your new ones installed.

If you’re after a more bespoke design, you could be looking at a price of anywhere between £5,000 to upwards of £50,000 – it all depends on your preferences.

Some factors that’ll affect the cost of your staircase include:

  • Size and shape of the staircase
  • Type and quality of the materials used
  • Overall complexity of the staircase (specialist tradespeople cost more)
  • Access to the site
  • Any structural alterations needed
  • Removal and disposal of the existing staircase
  • Decoration of staircase accessories 


How much will I need to pay for my new staircase to be installed?

The installation cost of your new staircase will depend on the structure and design of the staircase itself and naturally, you’ll find you need a specialist staircase fitter to handle more complex installations, which will cost you a bit more.

On average, a carpenter will charge £250 per day, and a standard staircase takes around two days to install.

You also may need to factor in costs from other tradespeople, like carpet fitters or other general labourers, which will cost you anywhere between £100-£150 per day.

Fitting a staircase is one of the most advanced home improvement jobs, so generally is not suitable for DIY enthusiasts to take on by themselves, even though doing this can save you a considerable amount of money.

Having a safe securely fitted staircase is extremely important, so we recommend hiring a professional fitter to do the job for you.


Are there regulations for new staircases?

Yes. New stairs in the UK are subject to Building Regulations, which outline a number of specifications that the staircase must adhere to for our own safety, and they govern the following:

  • Tread size and the distance between each step
  • Width of each tread
  • Distance between the balustrades
  • Minimum headroom
  • Angle of the stairs
  • The maximum length of the staircase without having a landing

This also comes at a price and the fee for a building control officer to inspect and approve your set of stairs is around £200.

When planning your staircase project, it’s worth checking with your local authority to discuss your ideas and organise an inspection.


Choose Pear Stairs for all your staircase design needs

At Pear Stairs, we manufacture the most unique, sustainable and affordable staircases and can provide you with all of your staircase parts through our online store.

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