Create a Powerful Contrasting Interior Style for Your Property; Black and White Staircase Design

When curating the colour scheme for an interior design, contrast is a powerful tool. Contrasting tones and colours create powerful dynamics for a striking visual effect. The tones with the highest contrast are of course black and white, a colour scheme that our client for this staircase selected to compliment their personal tastes. A softwood flight with a half turning, the design itself is relatively simplistic. Square spindles have been paired with square newel posts, topped with attractive pyramid caps. This uncomplicated design puts the punchy tones front and centre as the main feature of this design.

black and white staircase

The treads, handrails and newel caps have been given an extremely dark finish that, at a glance, appears to be solid black. Yet on closer inspection, the timber has actually been given a very dark stain instead. This stain keeps the intricate grain and patterns of the timber visible while contributing to the high contrast design the customer desired. The spindles and newel posts are white primed for a clean and neat finish.

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It should also be noted that the client chose to treat the baserail and strings with this design. This can be a tricky feat when avoiding the spindles but they have done an exceptional job. The dark baserail creates a pleasing contrast against the repeating presence of the crisp white spindles.

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