Easy Staircase Options

Flat Pack Staircase Kit

flat packed staircase, pre built staircase, ready built staircase

At Pear Stairs we manufacture staircases for all budgets and project sizes. For some that may mean creating a solid oak curved foyer staircase and for others it can mean something practical and affordable. There are situations where all you require is a functional straight staircase that can be quickly and easily installed, for situations like this we have flat packed staircase kits. These pre-designed staircases can be quickly shipped to any location in the mainland UK for a quick-build staircase.

Wall Mounted Handrails

wall mounted handrails, richard burbidge handrail

UK building regulations stipulate that a staircase wider than 1000mm must have a handrail on both sides, any narrower and one handrail is sufficient. This means that for cheaper and narrower staircases there may not be a need for a balustrade. Ideally, a budget friendly staircase will be sandwiched between two walls, allowing for the fast, affordable, and straightforward option of a boxed handrail kit. On the Pear Stairs Online Store, you will find a selection of handrail kits by trusted staircase brand, Richard Burbidge. These handrails come in a variety of configurations and styles to meet your needs.

Accessories for Quick Repairs and Renovations

The Pear Stairs Online Store also sells a variety of staircase accessories and parts for small scale repairs and renovations. These repairs can range from simple newel cap replacements, to fixing squeaky steps or giving exposed timber an extra layer of finish.

Interclamp, Versatile Barrier Handrail for Interior or Exterior Use

barrier handrail, interclamp, modular railing, galvanised steel railing

With staircases, height is an unavoidable factor, so it is likely that a balustrade, railing, or barrier is required to keep a project safe. The easiest option for an affordable, durable, and easily installed barrier is to use Interclamp. The Pear Stairs Online Store sells a complete range of Interclamp barrier handrail parts. These modular parts can be put together in a variety of configurations with minimal training in order to create a strong steel barrier, balustrade or railing.

For more staircase options, contact the Pear Stairs team at webenquiries@pearstairs.co.uk or call 01938 553311.