Made by parent company Boys & Boden from our timber stair parts off-cuts, these 100% wood briquettes are guaranteed to keep you warm and snug this winter. They are produced sustainably by making use of waste timber and sawdust, which are compressed into compact blocks that will fit comfortably into even a modest woodburner or fireplace.

Although briquettes are big in Europe, they have yet to catch on here in a big way - but once you've tried them, we're pretty sure you won't want to go back to logs. This is because briquettes are:


Briquettes burn more fiercely than logs, giving out around 50% more heat per pound spent. They produce very little in the way of smoke or ash and perform superbly in woodburners, with a single briquette able to last up to four hours.


With a pack of 12 briquettes costing just £2.63 (which we are confident is the lowest price in the country), home-owners who use their woodburner or open fire frequently can save up to £150 a year by switching from logs. 


Briquettes make it easy to get a fire going, as well as being cleaner, lighter and easier to transport than logs - plus they only take up around half the storage space. Even better, due to the packaging you won't find any creepy-crawlies taking up residence as tends to happen with a log pile.

Boys and Boden briquettes
Our briquettes can be purchased in any of our stores based in Shropshire, Cheshire and Mid Wales. See our website for store opening times and directions. Deals available on bulk orders. Ask our staff for details. Click for Boys and Boden Store Details.