The Benefit of Quality Timber; Designer Sapele Staircase

Choosing the perfect wood for your staircase project is crucial, especially when you plan on having a staircase with exposed timber. Interior timber surfaces are an appealing home feature, but they are entirely optional, they can even be the less preferred option over a carpeted surface for example. Yet outside, timber surfaces are a necessity rather than an option. External staircases cannot be hidden beneath carpets (unless you are okay with soggy smelly carpets) which means that the choice of timber has a massive impact on the final aesthetic of the design.

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A Neat Staircase Design with Premium Materials

For this staircase design in Norfolk, the client decided to pull out all the stops. The staircase features an effective but relatively simple design. Square newel posts with angled tops have been paired with square spindles and a simple handrail profile for the balustrade. The steps consist of 42mm thick treads with square nosing and open risers. Despite this simple design, the staircase stands out beautifully, this is due to the choice of timber.

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Sapele; A Modern Alternative to Mahogany

Quality timber speaks volumes, and few have a louder voice than Sapele. Sapele is not as widely known as its fellow hardwoods such as oak and ash but there is an undeniable beauty to it. The extremely fine grain and red-golden colour of Sapele provides a look associated with premium furniture, this is thanks to how similar it is to mahogany. Sapele and mahogany are close cousins which is why they have a similar fine straight grain. The luxurious sapele is the main feature of this staircase that pairs extremely well with the immaculately kept outdoor space surrounding this property.

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The stairs have been made with open risers, a popular choice for contemporary staircases but also an important inclusion for exterior staircases. Rainwater needs to flow off the design and if the risers are closed off it cannot do that, instead it will pool and damage the staircase. Exterior staircases with closed risers can also act like a sail, catching the wind and leading to increases stress on the structure. For more on designing your own exterior staircase, try the online Staircreator here or call the Pear Stairs team on 01938 553311. Pear Stairs also offers a comprehensive range of stair parts through an online store, viewable here.