Which Space Solution Will You Choose?


Today, over 54% of people around the world live in cities (UN figures), which is expected to climb to 60% by 2030. As we collectively live in more densely populated areas, how we utilise space becomes increasingly important. Clever storage solutions and some productive feng shui are good ideas, but a large area that you may be under-utilising is the stairs.
Stairs offer a lot of potential for; saving space, making functional use of space, or opening space up. Fulfilling this opportunity for creativity, we at Pear Stairs cater to your needs, giving you a say on every aspect of your stairs.

   space savers   Space Savers

An elegant and intuitive solution to the problem is to use space saver stairs. These stairs take up half the footprint of regular stairs while offering easy access to basements, cellars and attics. They can also be an alternative solution for those who have just had enough with fold-away ladders. One of our customers used them to circumvent planning restrictions that prevented them from increasing a property’s floor size. Space saver stairs allowed them to utilise vertical space and reach a new mezzanine floor. You can read more about the project here.

Along with being convenient, space savers are highly customisable. Just like the many other styles of staircase that we offer, you have a variety of materials and accessories to choose from. To go with your practical space saver stairs, you are going to want an accompanying hand rail that keeps things compact. This is where a rope hand rail could come in for a chic look, or potentially a tightly fitted Mop stick Handrail for a smoother finish.


A more unusual, but very creative, design that we see from time-to-time includes fitting drawers into the staircase. This lets your stairs pull double duty, providing both access between floors as well as convenient storage space. You can read a case study on a drawers-stairs design that we manufactured, along with the customer’s thoughts on our service, here.

We are always happy to hear of new and creative stairs designs, so do not hesitate to give us a call if your needs are outside of the box or if you just want to see what is possible with your project. 

   Drawer stairs wide  
   glass open risers   Glass, Open Risers and Light

As well as being functional, it is also important that space does not appear cluttered. If our living areas are too busy we can feel over whelmed and potentially claustrophobic. Thankfully we offer design options that overcome this crowded feel. Incorporating glass into the stairs with glass treads, risers or balustrade gives natural light the opportunity to flow around the room and make it feel spacious. As our case studies demonstrate, glass is a versatile material in stairs construction and offers an array of aesthetics depending on how it is used.

Totally transparent glass offers a clean and minimalistic look, while semi-opaque glass brings an element of privacy to the product. For those who are looking to add a bit of flare there are also coloured options that retain a bright appearance and cater to personal preferences. For more staircase ideas, please take a look through our collection of over seven hundred case studies or visit our Staircreator and see what you can make.


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