Stylish Metal Light Shades by From the Anvil

Luxury hand-forged pendant light shades create an ornamental centre piece, ideal for either traditional or modern interior designs. The use of ancient metalworking techniques along with beautifully finished products means that furnishings by From the Anvil offer the pinnacle of style while paying homage to classical tastes. 

Popular Pendant Metal Light Shades

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The pendant lights in the From the Anvil range readily complement other home furnishings from their Mid-Wales based workshop. Pendant shades are available in a choice of three base shapes, the Harborne, the Hockley and the Brindley. These designs are available with a variety of interior and exterior finishes, creating a vibrant and comprehensive selection of style options. You may choose from an entirely metallic finish or combine colours and tones with the glow of polished metal like brass. The most popular four choices are the Brindley with black hammered exterior and copper interior, Harborne with light grey exterior and nickel interior, the burnished Harborne, and the Oatmeal Hockley. The mix of glistening metallic surfaces and soft matt colours creates a decadent aesthetic, perfect for elegant entertaining spaces such as kitchens or dining rooms.  

Colourful Hand Forged Pendant Light Shades

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For a more vibrant look, you may prefer the Accents range by From the Anvil. This selection of light pendants come in a choice of lively colours with a subtle matt finish. Available colours include sage green, pale blue, and warm grey. Peruse the stunning range of From the Anvil furnishings in the Pear Stairs online store by clicking here.