Barrier Handrail Systems; Versatile, Durable and Easily Installed

Pear Stairs offer a full range of barrier handrail components for construction of a railing system to suit most needs and purposes. Stocking the Interclamp barrier handrail system range, Pear Stairs can supply a versatile handrail, barrier, or railing system to meet your needs. Easy to put together, requiring minimal training and equipment, these barrier handrail parts feature standardised connectors and fasteners for a straightforward construction and results with consistently high standards.

barrier handrail system

The Interclamp barrier handrail system is so versatile there are few railing positions it could not fill, from gates, disabled access ramps, to clothes railings and childrens’ climbing frames; once you know what you want to construct it’s as simple as picking out the pieces and connecting them all together.

Barrier Handrail Parts at Pear Stairs

barrier handrail parts, interclamp

In some situations, the railing may require cutting to size. In these cases, the job can easily be done with a hack saw, chop saw or angle grinder; whichever you believe to be best for the job. This robust railing system is also available in a variety of powder coat finishes to suit your project, these include; yellow, red, blue, green, black, white or the standard galvanised form.

Thanks to the design of the Interclamp system, you can easily mix and match parts to create the perfect barrier and/or handrail system for you. All Interclamp fittings are compatible with the standard 42mm galvanised tubing. For any other sizes, contact the Pear Stairs team to discuss your bespoke project. Pear Stairs also supplies external metal staircases on a bespoke basis - contact the design team on 01938 553311 for more details and a bespoke individual quote.