Complement The Style Of The Building; Appropriate Staircase Design

The Pear Stairs case study database is packed full of over 800 staircase design ideas for domestic and commercial properties.
These staircase examples cover a variety of designs in a multitude of materials, including; metal, glass and wooden staircase designs. 
Among the more contemporary wooden staircase designs available to see is this glorious oak staircase that we manufactured at our Mid-Wales base and then delivered to Brecon in southern Powys.

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Oak And Glass Building, Oak And Glass Staircase Design

Before we consider the staircase, take a look at the building the staircase was installed in.
The space has floor to ceiling windows, separated by stoic oak beams. Natural light is flooding into the property and highlighting the beautiful textures of the timber. 
Considering the style of the building is a smart move as it allows you to make informed decisions about the design of your staircase and what materials to use.

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Bring In The Light With Glass Staircase Parts

In this example the staircase complements the architecture with neat square newel posts that echo the shape and look of the building’s timber frame. 
Consideration has also been put into how this staircase fills the space, or more accurately, how it doesn’t.
The use of glass panel balustrades allows the natural light to continuously flow through the space, keeping it bright and welcoming.

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A Consistent And Powerful Staircase Design

The glass and oak staircase combination remains consistent with the design of the building and contributes to the inviting contemporary aesthetic.
The material choices also extend to the semi-open risers. Partial glass risers have been installed here to stave off shadows and keep the light coming through this bright wooden staircase design. 
Now that the stairs have been installed we can see that the use of a consistent design style makes it look like the stairs were always there, an organic extension of the architecture around it.

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