Top 3 Tips For Making a Modern Rustic Timber Staircase

There is something irresistibly charming about rustic interior designs. The use of exposed raw materials puts you in touch with the world around and outside the home. Being able to experience the textures of stone and wood inside a property is comforting in a primal sense and it is wonderfully exemplified with this staircase design. Made from Hemlock, this staircase has been thoroughly thought out to capitalise on the qualities of the timber

1. Keep the Design Simple

Imitating the squared forms of the existing oak beams within the building, the balustrade features squared handrails, spindles and newel posts while the steps themselves have flush nosing. At a glance it is quite simplistic in design, yet as a whole it is an extremely effective and appropriate aesthetic within the property. When designing your own wooden staircase it can be tempting to include a variety of ornate features but when you want to get the most out of the timber itself, it is best to practice restraint.

2. Highlight the Timber’s Qualities, Especially the Grain

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In this design, the client has emphasised the texture of the hemlock balustrade with a subtle finish providing a slight definition between the handrail and the steps. The wood grain is visible across the entire staircase design, placed centre stage it is not competing with any ornamental features such as newel caps or intricate handrail profiles. The texture and colour of wood are its two greatest assets, easy on the eye and warm to the touch, to make the most of it you should use a timber you appreciate and ensure it is not obscured by a thick paint finish.

3. Consider the Surrounding Features of the Property

simple wooden staircase design

With this example staircase, the emphasis on the look and feel of the timber itself complements the many other exposed natural textures in the property, including the exposed stone walls, slate flooring and oak beams. The squared profiles of the stair parts also help the staircase blend into the existing aesthetic of the property, it feels like it has always been there; like it belongs.

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