3 Design Elements For A Modern Staircase That Make a Statement

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1. Smart Choice of Timber

This gorgeous contemporary staircase makes a powerful statement in the property thanks to the use of bold shapes and contrasting tones. Sapele is an often under appreciated timber that goes forgotten yet provides a beautiful deep colour and a delicious texture, reminiscent of mahogany. These stairs are a true power showing for the material. White primed strings act as a frame around the handsome treads and risers, highlighting them and providing an attractive contrast.

2. Feature Steps for Impact

The main design focus of this staircase is the feature step. The design actually includes two feature steps but the bottom one steals the show with a complete D-End form that wraps around the newel post. The step above is much smaller, sporting a bullnose design that leads in to the front-face of the newel.

3. Keep Your Staircase Design Bright

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Staircases can be guilty of creating dark and shadowed areas in a property, making a space less appealing to use or inhabit. This staircase utilises smart design elements to avoid this, keeping the property bright and welcoming. To achieve this, the stairs have open risers and a glass panel balustrade. These factors both contribute to allowing light to flow through the space more easily. As this staircase is positioned adjacent to an entryway, the wealth of available light ensures that entering the property is a pleasant experience.

Something should also be said for the “tabula rasa” aesthetic of the design. The simplistic square white primed newel posts, base rails and strings create a subtle visual signature. Attractive yet unintrusive, this staircase readily complements pretty much any interior design elements applied to the property. It is timeless, capable of elevating the visual appeal of almost any interior style.

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