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Alan - Barnstaple 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for the help you have given.

Over the past 5 or 6 years that I have been using Pear Stairs we have built up several customers who have become regular purchasers of your staircases through ourselves, the comments I receive is that the quality is consistent and they find the components go together well during installation.

The use of 32 mm strings with 90 mm newels gives a sturdy feel to the stairs which enhances the overall look.  

The stairs offer value for money which means we are able to compete with local joinery workshops.

The "stair creator" facility  is also an added bonus as it gives a good indication of the finished look of the product.

Thank you for such a professional and efficient service.

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  1. Assist O-Ring (Optional)

    An optional extra to be fitted to each of the expanding Assist fittings.

    SKU:  JWICL797

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  2. Security Setscrew

    Security setscrews have been designed with a unique central recess. This means that they can only be inserted or removed using the security key.
    The unique design of the security setscrew gives added protection against the removal of installations by thieves or vandals.

    We recommend that security setscrews are tightened to 40Nm.

    SKU:  JWICL303

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  3. Plastic Setscrew Covers

    Push-fit grey plastic cover for an aesthetically pleasing finish to the setscrews.

    SKU;  JWICL305

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  4. Security key

    A uniquely shaped security key, required to insert/remove security setscrews.

    Size: 5/16"

    SKU:  JWICL304

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  5. Plastic Stop End

    Plastic stop end.

    SKU:  JWICL133

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  6. Aluminium Stop End

    Aluminium alloy stop end.

    SKU:  JWICL333

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  7. Hexagon Keys

    High quality imperial size hexagon keys.

    Size: 5/16"

    SKU:  JWICL301

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  8. Setscrew

    Please Note:  All fittings are supplied with their setsrews fitted as standard.

    However, you can purchase additional setscrews if required.  Also note you can purchase a security setscrew in our online shop also, along with security fix hex key High quality setscrews, a vital component in the igh structural integrity of the fittings:

    Thread:  3/8"

    Alan Key Size:  5/16"

    SKU:  JWICL300

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Set Descending Direction

8 Item(s)