Essex Balustrades, Banisters, Spindles and more available from Pear Stairs

Essex is a county well known for being sleek and stylish, two traits that can also be applied to our products at Pear Stairs. If you are in need of a new staircase, balustrade or maybe just an individual stair part, then we aim to supply quality stairs that you will love. Our extensive range of stair parts includes banisters, newel caps, end steps, wooden spindles and metal spindles, plus much more.

Our Balustrades are perfect for any Essex home

Our stair balustrades are fit for any Essex home. A balustrade is made up of a number of stair components, which together form the railing system that encloses one or both sides of a staircase. The components, which include banisters, baserails, newels and spindles, are available in a variety of different materials, so there is plenty for you to choose from.

Essex Balustrades, Spindles & Banisters

Stair Banisters can make the difference to your Essex Staircase

As one of the leading manufacturers or stairways in the UK, Pear Stairs not only create straight staircases, but also curved and spiral ones. Stair banisters can make all the difference to the overall look of your Essex staircase, and Pear Stairs can create one that you will be proud of, no matter what the shape or size of your stairway. We can also add extra features to your banister, including a turn, a volute, an opening cap, plus many more. Essex is a place renowned for its modernity, and with our fusion range of stair parts we can also keep your home looking fashion-forward by accessorising the end of your banister with our beautiful fusion end caps.

Essex Balustrades, Spindles & Banisters Essex Balustrades, Spindles & Banisters  Essex Balustrades, Spindles & Banisters 
Turn Opening cap Volute

Essex Spindles are one of our most popular Stair Parts

One of our most popular stair parts in Essex is our spindles. We stock both wooden spindles and metal spindles in a variety of different styles. Our wooden spindles are a classic favourite amongst our customers, as there are so many different woods to choose from. Whether you have an oak, ash, pine, sapele or hemlock stairway, our quality wooden spindles can add the finishing touch.

Essex Balustrades, Spindles & Banisters
Essex Balustrades, Spindles & Banisters

The same can be said for our metal spindles, which are all made with a black sandgrain finish. For a more textured and contemporary look you may prefer to have metal spindles in your timber staircase, and we have a range of styles to choose from. For a modern twist we also encourage our customers to mix and match their spindle styles in order to create a unique stairway that will be the envy of all your Essex neighbours.

So, whether you prefer the traditional look, or maybe something ultra-modern, we have stairs and balustrades to suit every customer. Forget the only way is Essex, from now on the only way is Pear Stairs.