Bedfordshire Banisters, Spindles & Balustrades from Pear Stairs

Bedfordshire lies in the east of England, with four counties bordering it; Pear Stairs is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of staircases made of stair parts including these four items – banisters, balustrades, metal spindles and wooden spindles.

Banisters and balustrades are often used to mean the same thing – the parts that combine to form the uprights, handrail and railing system of a staircase.

Wooden spindles and metal spindles are the vertical parts which fill the space between the baserail and handrail.

Bedfordshire Balustrades, Spindles & Banisters

The team at Pear Stairs is renowned for their total commitment to customer care, just as Bedfordshire is committed to providing an experience to remember for visitors in the form of the Woburn Estate.

Pear Stairs sells metal spindles and wooden spindles to Bedfordshire in all shapes, sizes and patterns to add texture and interest to a staircase.

If a customer cannot find the perfect banister for their Bedford staircase, then it is a pleasure to produce a customised product.

Pear Stairs is a friendly, professional, reliable company that gives the best value for money staircases and stair parts. Quotes are provided within 48 hours, and a complete staircase can be delivered anywhere in Bedfordshire in 7 to 10 days.

Ronnie Barker and John Le Mesuirier, being notable natives of Bedfordshire, would no doubt have recognised the quality and care that goes into making every Pear Stairs staircase.

The Fusion range offers an exciting, exclusive balustrade system in a variety of designs.

Bedfordshire Balustrades, Spindles & Banisters

Bedfordshire is a varied place to live, work or visit. With its two major population centres of Luton and Bedford, and the contrasting emptiness of the Chiltern Hills, it provides something to suit all tastes.

In the same way, all Bedfordshire customers of Pear Stairs can find something to suit them from Pear Stairs' extensive supply of metal spindles, wooden spindles, banisters and balustrades.